Tuesday, October 14, 2014

*Knock* *Knock* *Knock* Laura!

Notice how I referenced Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory in my post title? Being married to a wannabe physicist/engineer, I often feel like I can relate to Penny. Not that Brian acts like Sheldon or anything...he's actually a lot like Leonard, except way cuter. ;)


Remember when I painted our front door? Well, I really want to get new hardware for it, because brass and dark pink/red just do not compute.

See what I mean? Yuck.

Here are some I'm thinking about - I'm really debating between the type where it has a handle and you push the lever above it to get in, or just getting a good old fashioned knob. Readers: any preference one way or another based on your experience? There's only so much experimenting at home improvement stores will do for me. I like the look of the handle, but please let me know pros/cons!!

Kwikset Montara Single Cylinder Venetian Bronze Handleset with Juno Entry Knob (featuring a SmartKey, which may or may not be smarter than me). Home Depot, $134.

Kwikset Hawthorne Single Cylinder Venetian Bronze Handle Set with Juno Knob (featuring a SmartKey yet again). Home Depot, $129.

Avendale Handleset with Carnaby Knob. Baldwin Hardware, price unknown (probably one of those where if you have to ask, it's too expensive).

Arched Entry Door Set. Rocky Mountain Hardware, I found the price, but it's crazy expensive. Hey, a gal can dream, right?!

Any other suggestions/thoughts? Any other sources that might have some more unique looks that are affordable?

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Why I am the master home decorator

So sorry for the delay guys. We've had some hold ups with the house buying process, mostly due to the incompetence of a certain loan officer at a certain bank who shall remain nameless....long story short, it's being taken care of, and we should be cleared to close very soon. Cross your fingers and toes it goes smoothly (and that our hands don't fall off from signing millions of pieces of paper)!

And now for a little lighthearted fun poking fun at Brian. ;)

If you think the title of the post is part of an emerging ego trip on the part of yours truly, you're quite mistaken. It's more of a comparative analysis of the decorating skills of my husband and I, outlining the many reasons why I am the one in charge of decorating the house, not him.

A couple of recent examples:

1.) We got a new TV antenna for the house, mainly so we can watch Packer games without having to stand next to our old puny antenna for 3+ hours straight.

I expected it to be bigger, sure, but wasn't quite prepared for the monstrosity he brought home. Guys, this thing is HUGE. Brian set it up in our living room so we could watch the season opener and it took up almost the entire room. And our living room isn't all that small!!

See? Super obnoxious. I was almost afraid it would sprout legs, roar like a T-Rex and thunder after me trying to chomp on my legs or something.


If that wasn't bad enough, Brian suggested we hang the antennae from the ceiling in the living room, having it be both functional as well as something of an art installation piece.

Yeah, um...no. That thing is going up in the attic where it belongs, dear.

2.) Remember when we finally painted our front door? Well, we have a ton of paint leftover from that, so Brian brought up the idea to - get this - paint our window blinds the same color.

....seriously. Seriously??!! I mean, where does he come up with this stuff?!?!?! Here's an idea of how it would look, using the magic of Photoshop.

No, honey, that's not an attractive look - even if it is a poor Photoshop job. Unless you're Liberace. Or May from The Secret Life of Bees. Actually, it looks a bit like a pink nightmare - something little Ralphie is very familiar with.

I feel ya, kid.

So yeah - there is very good reason why I am the one in charge of making things pretty at our house. He definitely comes in handy if I need something built, attached or fixed, though. He should stick to that and leave the design to me. ;)

Anyone else's significant other think they're a much better designer than they actually are? Or let them actually decorate something and watch it go horribly wrong?

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Home Office Inspiration Board

I semi-promised an inspiration board for my home office a couple of weeks ago, and here she is! This is my first official attempt at a mood/inspiration board, so please bear with with me as I make Photoshop bend to my will.

Essentially this serves as a general idea of what I'm thinking of for the office, in a far more attractive-looking form. Please don't look at the prices and think that's what I'd actually spend on these items - it's more of a way to envision how I'd like the space to pan out.

1. Lottie Dots Decal (Gold), Land of Nod, $24.95 each set of 48 decals
2. Orbital Sphere Flushmount - Rust, RH Baby & Child, $199
3. Decorator Shelf, Pottery Barn Kids, $79
4. Metal Industrial Pinboard, Restoration Hardware, $449
5. Curvy Chrysanthemum Vase, Anthropologie, $28
6. Trailblazer Wingback Desk Chair, Pottery Barn Teen, $319
7. Gold Bars Rug, Land of Nod, $299 - $799

What do you guys think? Any other ideas? I'd like to keep the palate pretty neutral because the wall color is pretty bold (Valspar Belle Grove Victory Blue) but would love some additional ideas for pops of color.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Five Years

Five years ago, I said "I Do" to this guy.

In that time, we've:

  • Moved across state lines.
  • Obtained a Master's degree (well, technically Brian accomplished this one).
  • Learned photography (that was me!).
  • Added a chipmunk-cheeked baby to our family.
  • Said goodbye to a furry member of our family.
  • Started this little spot on the web.
  • (Almost!) Bought a house.
I'm not going to lie - it hasn't always been sunshine and roses and posies for us. But, at the end of the day, there's no one else I'd want by my side while riding along on this crazy roller coaster of life. 

Happy anniversary to the best husband and baby daddy a gal can ask for.