Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Saving bland front doors, one paint stroke at a time.

Compared to last weekend, this weekend felt comparatively lazy. We basically hung out and made pretzels.

Oh, and I painted the front door. So I guess it was semi-productive, in a fun sort of way. :)

Ain't she pretty?! I'm thinking I may do a third coat of paint, since you can still see the paint brush strokes...we'll see. It works for the time being. And really, you can't tell unless you're right in front of the door. Or have a camera lens like mine that focuses a little too well sometimes. 

As a reminder of how it looked before, here's a quick look. Quite a difference, eh?! Definitely pops out a bit more now.

I ended up using Valspar Exterior Reserve in Whipped Strawberry. I got so used to using interior paints that it felt strange to use this stuff. The consistency was very different - this paint was a lot thicker than the stuff I'm used to. I didn't even use a drop cloth because there wasn't much risk of drips because it was so thick.

Although it's now painted (yay!!), that doesn't necessarily mean we're done with this door yet. Here are some upcoming to-do's, done visually because that's how I roll:

It's still definitely a work in progress. Then again, isn't everything?

Think I should do a third coat? Any ideas on new door hardware (which we can't install until after the sale is complete)? 

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